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Tips eliminate Rust Stains on Clothes

Maybe you've found a brownish red stain rather that clings to clothing, yes that's the stains of rust. Rust stain comes from iron which has experienced corrosion, such as wire, iron, bicycles, or diffuse. Some times you try doing the washing the stains but still happy to stick on your clothes. Then the haln make you upset and give up.

Some mistakes that makes washing difficult stains are missing:

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Wash with hot water, some people argue that using hot water then rust stains on the shirt will quickly disappear, it turns out it is not true. It turns out that using hot water, would further strengthen the stain attached to clothing.
Use bleach, indeed some of the stains will disappear with the bleach. But not with the stains of rust. Bleach or detergents that contain bleach will thus strengthen the color of shame sekjaligus stain spreading to other parts. well we recommend that you avoid using bleach to mengilangkan stains rust.
Menggunakian heater, it is also not advisable,

How to remove Rust Stains on Clothes:

Take the sponge or cloth mikrofiber strong and give a little water until moist. Do the movement not wipe, rub, and DAB at the stain. If you rubbed it, shame will spread out and it will be more difficult to be eliminated.
Apply a little detergent approximately the size of pea seeds to stain using your fingertips. Use a detergent made for very dirty clothes, but does not contain a strong bleach.
Let detergent soak in rust stains for one or two minutes and soften the iron particles are particles. Then, wipe the area that contained the stain once again use a damp cloth to remove the stain as much as possible before putting it in the washing machine with detergent of your choice.
Wash your clothes with the setting warm or lukewarm, do not use the settings rinsing with hot water.
If the stain in clothing you haven't gone perfectly, then repeat the steps above once again. Apply the detergent and wash it again.

Note: avoid drying clothes while still warm, because the heat from the dryer will make stains become permanent stains and rust will continue to be on your clothes forever.

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