Selasa, 23 Agustus 2016

The easy way to Remove Rust on a pan and a frying pan

Rust stains that are attached to the connected kitchen Cookware is very disturbed because it will reduce the appearance of the equipment and it is possible that can be toxic so it will be dangerous when used.

A tool that is often seen is their rust stain pots and Skillets. This time the admin thus try to share with you how to remove stains of rust that is commonly attached to the second gear, here is how:

Prepare a pan or frying pan that will be cleaned, pour warm water into it.
Sprinkle the powder was baking soda, after the solution foams let stand awhile.
Use a sponge to rub the rust, rubs slowly.
To prevent rust reappear, after equipment is washed with SOAP specifically for dishwasher should drain the entire goods until dry. Before being stored, try slathering a pan and a frying pan with a little cooking oil

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