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Review Of Mineral Water Dispenser Hot Normal & Miyako

Miyako dispenser type: WD-HBeberapa 190 days ago I just bought a dispenser, hot and cold mineral water normal brand of Miyako. This product I bought at the market Cimindi Cimahi. After circling finally met also with the dispenser at a bargain price but quality was satisfactory

Initially, this dispenser is offered by the seller at a price of Rp. 250,000. But after going through the process of bargaining is finally dispenser Miyako I bought quite cheap prices i.e. Rp. 175,000.

According to a brochure I read, this was the last development of products using the technology advances the design and appearance. In addition to secure, can also be used for a long period (durable).

These dispensers can be used to make tea, coffee and other hot beverages. Water dispenser is designed specifically so that is not the case of the mixture of hot water and normal water.

The names section of the Dispenser Miyako type: WD-190 H
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Here's the specs Miyako dispenser I bought:

Type: WD-190 H
Capacity >/= 90 °: 3.5 Litre
Power/voltage: 350W/220W
Net weight: 2.5 Kg
Size/dimensions: 340 X 320 X 515

How to install bottles on a dispenser:

Make sure the dispenser is put in place a stable, safe and close to the stop contact.
Clean first the bottles of mineral water that will be placed at the top of the dispenser. Install anti spill (Unspilling) so that the water in the gallon doesn't spill. Place the bottle gallon at the top of the dispenser with caution.
Remove the water from the tap is less red lebil ¼ glass of 100 ml, or this is done before installing the connecting cable power (power cord) to stop contacts to avoid the presence of air in the tank.
Connect the Power Cord to stop the contact and then turn on the Switch that is on the back of the dispenser (power switch).

How to use Mineral Water Dispenser Hot Normal & Miyako
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Wait a few moments to make sure dispenser is ready for use, due to the initial warming takes about 12 minutes.


Use the dispenser at a voltage corresponding to the label.
Make sure the dispenser is located on the dry and avoid the Sun.
The minimum distance of the rear wall with no less than 1 "(25.4 m)
Do not ever put a dispenser on paper or foam because it will result in an unstable condition, also don't put anything near the dispenser dispenser could result in a fire.
To prevent damage to the hot tank and fire hazard, prohibited from turning on the dispenser in an empty water bottle or dispenser is not mounted bottle containing water.
Do not use liquid chemicals such as gasoline, tiner and others to clean the dispenser.
For treatment, clean the water reservoir part periodically at least once a month.
Avoid water that spilled from the top of the dispenser while holding penmggantian or charging new bottle by removing the water from both taps.
never turn off the dispenser by pulling the cable power cord from the wall outlet. Use the switch to turn on and off the dispenser.
If you want to move the dispenser the dispenser in order to try to remain upright (not tilted)
If not use the dispenser in a long time, turn off the power and disconnect the swtch cord from the wall outlet to save power and prevent fires, and do not throw away the remaining water untick lupan through channels of expenditure.
Avoid discharging plug on the stop contact with exceeded one load of electronic tools.
If the power cord is damaged then do the replacement with the same new tool, or via Service Division.

Disorders and how to fix it:

Interference: do not remove the Faucet water. Cause: water runs out or seal the bottle has not been opened. FIX: Replace new or open bottle seal bottles.
Interference: air leak. Cause: a gallon of leaking or water at the shelter is full. FIX: replace a new bottle or reduce the water by opening the second tap.
Disorders: vibrating while operating. Cause: the placement of the dispenser. FIX: place the dispenser on a flat surface and solid.

How to clean:

Before beginning the cleaning process, turn off the dispenser to avoid accidents.
use clean water to clean the dispenser. Pour the water and fill the water reservoir tank, and open the tap red and blue tap to drain the water until clean.
do it once again, this time to the exhaust pipe of the water from the tank heat opened with caution because the temperature on the exhaust pipe of the water is hot.
Use a clean washcloth and smooth (such as: Kanebo/chamois)

Diuspenser this should work in temperatures of 10 ° C-35 ° C with relative humidity not to exceed 90 ° c.

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