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Installing a water tank for heating water, and other necessities

This paper terinpirasi by questions one of the kitchen set malang visitors of this blog named June Arthana commented on one of my articles titled: how to install a water tank Penguin, following the quote ...

"Salam kenal, I plan wants to establish a water tower that will disable me for household needs.

Before the Tower I founded through the stroke of this please help me if I founded Tower later became effective and cost-effective.

As consideration of such water to be used for a gas water heater, washing machine side openings and a couple of faucets in the kitchen and bathroom.

I already have a capacity of 2500 litres with tandon. To let the water flow from tandon capable of generating the pressure above 0.25 kg/cm or more as required on water heaters engine Handbook, approximately how the height of the tower to be minimal I founded? and where better to use concrete steel frame of what? Thank you in advance. "

Of those comments can be disimpulkkan two questions:

Minimum height of water tower
Good material for a water tower

Let me try to question number one,

Minimum height of water tower

Quoted from, that "A water tower is a large water storage container that is elevated, which was built to accommodate the water supply on high enough to put pressure on the water distribution system. Granting of pressure occurs through the elevation of water; for each height 8 centimetres (4,016 in.), water stress of 1 kilopascal (0145 psi). Height 30 m (98.43 ft) produces pressure of 300 kPa (43,511 psi), pressure enough to operate and fulfill all requirements of distribution system and the domestic water pressure.

To turn on the water heater is not enough by setting the height of the water tower, but the most recommended is using additional pumps that suck water from the tank to the engine heater is transmitted to the next, but the water pump on the machine should be installed automatic pump switch, so when "stop tap" opened then this additional pump machine will turn to cause the water pressure.

The strong water pressure is useful to press the lever switch/switch to activate the machines water heaters. So if there is water pressure on the lever will then ignite the lighters to burn gas and heats the water in the machine.

Good material for a water tower

Keep in mind that Every 1000 liters of water weighs 1 tonne, so it is important in considering the creation of a foundation that is able to withstand the weight of the whole tank. The Foundation made with good and right is very important for all of the water tank.

Tank placement instructions
Where to put the tank can be made either from steel or iron/order of concrete

1. Place the placement of the tank:
-Tower made of iron frame (no memilikit cracks on the tank holder trays).
-Tower made of reinforced concrete
-Deck of reinforced concrete
-Ground floor made of reinforced concrete or brick couples
2. Foundation for the sockets of the tank should be clean, flat, and flat (try set with waterpass)
3. Where to make the Foundation must be solid and stable conditions
4. The width of the Foundation must be greater than the diameter of the tank.
5. Try not to place the water tank on top of the pipe installation and/or cable buried (to ease when the pipe or cable will be serviced or routine maintenance).
6. Place the tank should be installed free from traffic or mobility so that all equipment related to the tank is secure from tampering.
7. avoid installing a water tank on top of the underground structures such as sheds, septic tanks, sewage, etc.

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