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How To Install A Hanging Switch

The switch cable is one form of electrical travel malang juanda switch for disconnecting or connecting an electric current. Its use can be applied to ignite or extinguish the power tools such as lights, electric water pump, and others.

The electrical circuit of the switch cable
The electrical circuit of the switch cable
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Basically, all single switch worked or same principled, i.e. cutting the cable line lsitrik positive/strum Tuesday. But how do I merangkainya not all know the trerutama for those of us who still lay in electricity.

This time the Admin will explain how do I switch the cable installation, for example we will install a hanging switch for a lamp. the necessary equipment is fairly simple:

tools and materials to make the switch cable
Cable cutter pliers
Power cable, use cable red black color fibers
Switch cable

How to install:

Make sure you know where the positive cable and negatip in your home with the test it using TESPEN.
To prevent the flow of electricity should strum Tuesday exposed at home turned off by updating the off-kan MCB
Connect the power cable from the main house to the cable cap/Bowl lamp

wiring on a Lampshade
wiring on a Lampshade

4. cut the wire that is black (positive), then the results of the piece is connected to the switch
the cable car. The cables that connect to the switch can be extended as needed. Don't forget to close any connections with insulation

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