Selasa, 23 Agustus 2016

Hair Dryer Without Electricity

Here's the latest discoveries in beauty styling tools. after previous popular penering a hair blow dryer with electric power, now rediscovered tool that functions much like "hair dryer Without electricity"

As reported the Daily Mail, hairdryer is a pair of gloves made from hi-tech microfibres (high-tech micro fibre) claimed could replace dungsi hairdryer to dry the hair.

Hair dryer with the name Hair Drying Gloves is claimed can dry the hair two times faster than a regular towel. Innovations in the realm of beauty it does not use electricity, so it is very environmentally friendly.

Micro Fiber on this glove is specifically designed to absorb water from the hair after shampooing, and work without removing styling products such as hair gel or hairspray.

For the price, this Hair Drying Gloves dibanderol priced 13 pound sterling or the equivalent of 250 thousand dollars.

For a while there has been no variations in color in addition to black for this product, this tool works like a towel, absorbs water from the hair, but in a more rapid absorption version. In addition these gloves can even styling your hair. (daily mail)

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