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Avoid the following things in order for Your Durable Jeans

Some people assume that caring for jeans is easy, it is because some people's perception about the materials used to make these Jeans. For example, that the relatively strong Denim Jeans, because the material could not be destroyed as we can know from "history-brief-jeans".

From the mistaken understanding that many people treat the jeansnya in vain due to not knowing about "how to care for jeans" resulting in being easily riobek and unused again.

In addition to easily damaged, the color of the jeans are also easily fade when we menperlakukan with wrong, even though there is a "how to restore the color of the Jeans with the Revamp & Wantek"

As we quoted from Marie Claire about the 10 ways that could ruin Your favourite jeans:

The jeans are washed too often, according to the suggestions of the experts, the new Denim purchased should be washed after 4 to 6 months after that, you should wash it as little as possible. To kill bacteria, enter the jeans into the freezer.
Wear the Jeans length, in addition to the hem looks frayed sucks, the bottom of the jeans will also fold and cause a tear. We recommend that you cut the jeans length according to the size of your body so that it does not inhibit the activity.
Washing machine, some people are lazy "wash jeans by hand", but trust me wash by hand will make your favorite jeans are much more long lasting wear. If you're forced to wash with washing machines then wash it with cold water and detergent use a color guard. And keep in mind, the new jeans you then turn should be more subtle.
Using a dryer, everyone knows that denim will be getting loose if often used, so that we are always tempted to dry it in the dryer so that the jeans can go back tight when worn. "It was very wrong! It will damage the fibers of the denim, "said Francine Rabinovich, inventor of Denim Therapy. Mengangin-anginkan jeans with hanging on the belt is a good way to let the jeans not shriveled.
Not diuap, rather than wash the jeans, preferably uapi jeans you, it not only smoothes the creases but also helps eliminate the odor.
Buy the jeans don't fit sizes, buy jeans with bigger size/loose will result in holes/rips on the knees and p4ntat. We recommend that you buy jeans with the proper size, that is not too high on the knee and p4ntat, "said Francine. "The more delicate materials and melar jeans, then increasingly torn."
Using bleach, Francine warns that using bleach can damage the thread. To avoid damaging the material, wash with a special bleach laundry which is able to handle the color yellow and dishevelled. As a precaution, use protective material before wearing Your jeans.
How to save the wrong jeans, rather than hanging in the closet, preferably jeans rolled up only. This will prevent the shriveled and keeping the jeans remain in its present form.
Save items in your pocket, save items such as phone cards, subscription trains, and lipstick can adversely affect the shape of the jeans. Do it too often can affect the shape of the jeans, leaving permanent scars and make the jeans torn cartilage in the area, "said Francine.
Tackling stains is not appropriate, you should use special cleaning materials that do not make the color fade jeans. Read also: "

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