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How To Install A Hanging Switch

The switch cable is one form of electrical travel malang juanda switch for disconnecting or connecting an electric current. Its use can be applied to ignite or extinguish the power tools such as lights, electric water pump, and others.

The electrical circuit of the switch cable
The electrical circuit of the switch cable
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Basically, all single switch worked or same principled, i.e. cutting the cable line lsitrik positive/strum Tuesday. But how do I merangkainya not all know the trerutama for those of us who still lay in electricity.

This time the Admin will explain how do I switch the cable installation, for example we will install a hanging switch for a lamp. the necessary equipment is fairly simple:

tools and materials to make the switch cable
Cable cutter pliers
Power cable, use cable red black color fibers
Switch cable

How to install:

Make sure you know where the positive cable and negatip in your home with the test it using TESPEN.
To prevent the flow of electricity should strum Tuesday exposed at home turned off by updating the off-kan MCB
Connect the power cable from the main house to the cable cap/Bowl lamp

wiring on a Lampshade
wiring on a Lampshade

4. cut the wire that is black (positive), then the results of the piece is connected to the switch
the cable car. The cables that connect to the switch can be extended as needed. Don't forget to close any connections with insulation

Installing a water tank for heating water, and other necessities

This paper terinpirasi by questions one of the kitchen set malang visitors of this blog named June Arthana commented on one of my articles titled: how to install a water tank Penguin, following the quote ...

"Salam kenal, I plan wants to establish a water tower that will disable me for household needs.

Before the Tower I founded through the stroke of this please help me if I founded Tower later became effective and cost-effective.

As consideration of such water to be used for a gas water heater, washing machine side openings and a couple of faucets in the kitchen and bathroom.

I already have a capacity of 2500 litres with tandon. To let the water flow from tandon capable of generating the pressure above 0.25 kg/cm or more as required on water heaters engine Handbook, approximately how the height of the tower to be minimal I founded? and where better to use concrete steel frame of what? Thank you in advance. "

Of those comments can be disimpulkkan two questions:

Minimum height of water tower
Good material for a water tower

Let me try to question number one,

Minimum height of water tower

Quoted from, that "A water tower is a large water storage container that is elevated, which was built to accommodate the water supply on high enough to put pressure on the water distribution system. Granting of pressure occurs through the elevation of water; for each height 8 centimetres (4,016 in.), water stress of 1 kilopascal (0145 psi). Height 30 m (98.43 ft) produces pressure of 300 kPa (43,511 psi), pressure enough to operate and fulfill all requirements of distribution system and the domestic water pressure.

To turn on the water heater is not enough by setting the height of the water tower, but the most recommended is using additional pumps that suck water from the tank to the engine heater is transmitted to the next, but the water pump on the machine should be installed automatic pump switch, so when "stop tap" opened then this additional pump machine will turn to cause the water pressure.

The strong water pressure is useful to press the lever switch/switch to activate the machines water heaters. So if there is water pressure on the lever will then ignite the lighters to burn gas and heats the water in the machine.

Good material for a water tower

Keep in mind that Every 1000 liters of water weighs 1 tonne, so it is important in considering the creation of a foundation that is able to withstand the weight of the whole tank. The Foundation made with good and right is very important for all of the water tank.

Tank placement instructions
Where to put the tank can be made either from steel or iron/order of concrete

1. Place the placement of the tank:
-Tower made of iron frame (no memilikit cracks on the tank holder trays).
-Tower made of reinforced concrete
-Deck of reinforced concrete
-Ground floor made of reinforced concrete or brick couples
2. Foundation for the sockets of the tank should be clean, flat, and flat (try set with waterpass)
3. Where to make the Foundation must be solid and stable conditions
4. The width of the Foundation must be greater than the diameter of the tank.
5. Try not to place the water tank on top of the pipe installation and/or cable buried (to ease when the pipe or cable will be serviced or routine maintenance).
6. Place the tank should be installed free from traffic or mobility so that all equipment related to the tank is secure from tampering.
7. avoid installing a water tank on top of the underground structures such as sheds, septic tanks, sewage, etc.

Review Of Mineral Water Dispenser Hot Normal & Miyako

Miyako dispenser type: WD-HBeberapa 190 days ago I just bought a dispenser, hot and cold mineral water normal brand of Miyako. This product I bought at the market Cimindi Cimahi. After circling finally met also with the dispenser at a bargain price but quality was satisfactory

Initially, this dispenser is offered by the seller at a price of Rp. 250,000. But after going through the process of bargaining is finally dispenser Miyako I bought quite cheap prices i.e. Rp. 175,000.

According to a brochure I read, this was the last development of products using the technology advances the design and appearance. In addition to secure, can also be used for a long period (durable).

These dispensers can be used to make tea, coffee and other hot beverages. Water dispenser is designed specifically so that is not the case of the mixture of hot water and normal water.

The names section of the Dispenser Miyako type: WD-190 H
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Here's the specs Miyako dispenser I bought:

Type: WD-190 H
Capacity >/= 90 °: 3.5 Litre
Power/voltage: 350W/220W
Net weight: 2.5 Kg
Size/dimensions: 340 X 320 X 515

How to install bottles on a dispenser:

Make sure the dispenser is put in place a stable, safe and close to the stop contact.
Clean first the bottles of mineral water that will be placed at the top of the dispenser. Install anti spill (Unspilling) so that the water in the gallon doesn't spill. Place the bottle gallon at the top of the dispenser with caution.
Remove the water from the tap is less red lebil ¼ glass of 100 ml, or this is done before installing the connecting cable power (power cord) to stop contacts to avoid the presence of air in the tank.
Connect the Power Cord to stop the contact and then turn on the Switch that is on the back of the dispenser (power switch).

How to use Mineral Water Dispenser Hot Normal & Miyako
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Wait a few moments to make sure dispenser is ready for use, due to the initial warming takes about 12 minutes.


Use the dispenser at a voltage corresponding to the label.
Make sure the dispenser is located on the dry and avoid the Sun.
The minimum distance of the rear wall with no less than 1 "(25.4 m)
Do not ever put a dispenser on paper or foam because it will result in an unstable condition, also don't put anything near the dispenser dispenser could result in a fire.
To prevent damage to the hot tank and fire hazard, prohibited from turning on the dispenser in an empty water bottle or dispenser is not mounted bottle containing water.
Do not use liquid chemicals such as gasoline, tiner and others to clean the dispenser.
For treatment, clean the water reservoir part periodically at least once a month.
Avoid water that spilled from the top of the dispenser while holding penmggantian or charging new bottle by removing the water from both taps.
never turn off the dispenser by pulling the cable power cord from the wall outlet. Use the switch to turn on and off the dispenser.
If you want to move the dispenser the dispenser in order to try to remain upright (not tilted)
If not use the dispenser in a long time, turn off the power and disconnect the swtch cord from the wall outlet to save power and prevent fires, and do not throw away the remaining water untick lupan through channels of expenditure.
Avoid discharging plug on the stop contact with exceeded one load of electronic tools.
If the power cord is damaged then do the replacement with the same new tool, or via Service Division.

Disorders and how to fix it:

Interference: do not remove the Faucet water. Cause: water runs out or seal the bottle has not been opened. FIX: Replace new or open bottle seal bottles.
Interference: air leak. Cause: a gallon of leaking or water at the shelter is full. FIX: replace a new bottle or reduce the water by opening the second tap.
Disorders: vibrating while operating. Cause: the placement of the dispenser. FIX: place the dispenser on a flat surface and solid.

How to clean:

Before beginning the cleaning process, turn off the dispenser to avoid accidents.
use clean water to clean the dispenser. Pour the water and fill the water reservoir tank, and open the tap red and blue tap to drain the water until clean.
do it once again, this time to the exhaust pipe of the water from the tank heat opened with caution because the temperature on the exhaust pipe of the water is hot.
Use a clean washcloth and smooth (such as: Kanebo/chamois)

Diuspenser this should work in temperatures of 10 ° C-35 ° C with relative humidity not to exceed 90 ° c.

Avoid the following things in order for Your Durable Jeans

Some people assume that caring for jeans is easy, it is because some people's perception about the materials used to make these Jeans. For example, that the relatively strong Denim Jeans, because the material could not be destroyed as we can know from "history-brief-jeans".

From the mistaken understanding that many people treat the jeansnya in vain due to not knowing about "how to care for jeans" resulting in being easily riobek and unused again.

In addition to easily damaged, the color of the jeans are also easily fade when we menperlakukan with wrong, even though there is a "how to restore the color of the Jeans with the Revamp & Wantek"

As we quoted from Marie Claire about the 10 ways that could ruin Your favourite jeans:

The jeans are washed too often, according to the suggestions of the experts, the new Denim purchased should be washed after 4 to 6 months after that, you should wash it as little as possible. To kill bacteria, enter the jeans into the freezer.
Wear the Jeans length, in addition to the hem looks frayed sucks, the bottom of the jeans will also fold and cause a tear. We recommend that you cut the jeans length according to the size of your body so that it does not inhibit the activity.
Washing machine, some people are lazy "wash jeans by hand", but trust me wash by hand will make your favorite jeans are much more long lasting wear. If you're forced to wash with washing machines then wash it with cold water and detergent use a color guard. And keep in mind, the new jeans you then turn should be more subtle.
Using a dryer, everyone knows that denim will be getting loose if often used, so that we are always tempted to dry it in the dryer so that the jeans can go back tight when worn. "It was very wrong! It will damage the fibers of the denim, "said Francine Rabinovich, inventor of Denim Therapy. Mengangin-anginkan jeans with hanging on the belt is a good way to let the jeans not shriveled.
Not diuap, rather than wash the jeans, preferably uapi jeans you, it not only smoothes the creases but also helps eliminate the odor.
Buy the jeans don't fit sizes, buy jeans with bigger size/loose will result in holes/rips on the knees and p4ntat. We recommend that you buy jeans with the proper size, that is not too high on the knee and p4ntat, "said Francine. "The more delicate materials and melar jeans, then increasingly torn."
Using bleach, Francine warns that using bleach can damage the thread. To avoid damaging the material, wash with a special bleach laundry which is able to handle the color yellow and dishevelled. As a precaution, use protective material before wearing Your jeans.
How to save the wrong jeans, rather than hanging in the closet, preferably jeans rolled up only. This will prevent the shriveled and keeping the jeans remain in its present form.
Save items in your pocket, save items such as phone cards, subscription trains, and lipstick can adversely affect the shape of the jeans. Do it too often can affect the shape of the jeans, leaving permanent scars and make the jeans torn cartilage in the area, "said Francine.
Tackling stains is not appropriate, you should use special cleaning materials that do not make the color fade jeans. Read also: "

Tips eliminate Rust Stains on Clothes

Maybe you've found a brownish red stain rather that clings to clothing, yes that's the stains of rust. Rust stain comes from iron which has experienced corrosion, such as wire, iron, bicycles, or diffuse. Some times you try doing the washing the stains but still happy to stick on your clothes. Then the haln make you upset and give up.

Some mistakes that makes washing difficult stains are missing:

sculpture showcase
Wash with hot water, some people argue that using hot water then rust stains on the shirt will quickly disappear, it turns out it is not true. It turns out that using hot water, would further strengthen the stain attached to clothing.
Use bleach, indeed some of the stains will disappear with the bleach. But not with the stains of rust. Bleach or detergents that contain bleach will thus strengthen the color of shame sekjaligus stain spreading to other parts. well we recommend that you avoid using bleach to mengilangkan stains rust.
Menggunakian heater, it is also not advisable,

How to remove Rust Stains on Clothes:

Take the sponge or cloth mikrofiber strong and give a little water until moist. Do the movement not wipe, rub, and DAB at the stain. If you rubbed it, shame will spread out and it will be more difficult to be eliminated.
Apply a little detergent approximately the size of pea seeds to stain using your fingertips. Use a detergent made for very dirty clothes, but does not contain a strong bleach.
Let detergent soak in rust stains for one or two minutes and soften the iron particles are particles. Then, wipe the area that contained the stain once again use a damp cloth to remove the stain as much as possible before putting it in the washing machine with detergent of your choice.
Wash your clothes with the setting warm or lukewarm, do not use the settings rinsing with hot water.
If the stain in clothing you haven't gone perfectly, then repeat the steps above once again. Apply the detergent and wash it again.

Note: avoid drying clothes while still warm, because the heat from the dryer will make stains become permanent stains and rust will continue to be on your clothes forever.

Hair Dryer Without Electricity

Here's the latest discoveries in beauty styling tools. after previous popular penering a hair blow dryer with electric power, now rediscovered tool that functions much like "hair dryer Without electricity"

As reported the Daily Mail, hairdryer is a pair of gloves made from hi-tech microfibres (high-tech micro fibre) claimed could replace dungsi hairdryer to dry the hair.

Hair dryer with the name Hair Drying Gloves is claimed can dry the hair two times faster than a regular towel. Innovations in the realm of beauty it does not use electricity, so it is very environmentally friendly.

Micro Fiber on this glove is specifically designed to absorb water from the hair after shampooing, and work without removing styling products such as hair gel or hairspray.

For the price, this Hair Drying Gloves dibanderol priced 13 pound sterling or the equivalent of 250 thousand dollars.

For a while there has been no variations in color in addition to black for this product, this tool works like a towel, absorbs water from the hair, but in a more rapid absorption version. In addition these gloves can even styling your hair. (daily mail)

The easy way to Remove Rust on a pan and a frying pan

Rust stains that are attached to the connected kitchen Cookware is very disturbed because it will reduce the appearance of the equipment and it is possible that can be toxic so it will be dangerous when used.

A tool that is often seen is their rust stain pots and Skillets. This time the admin thus try to share with you how to remove stains of rust that is commonly attached to the second gear, here is how:

Prepare a pan or frying pan that will be cleaned, pour warm water into it.
Sprinkle the powder was baking soda, after the solution foams let stand awhile.
Use a sponge to rub the rust, rubs slowly.
To prevent rust reappear, after equipment is washed with SOAP specifically for dishwasher should drain the entire goods until dry. Before being stored, try slathering a pan and a frying pan with a little cooking oil